The Fremont Police Department released a report on the results of their pilot program, which included the use of the Tesla Model S as a police patrol vehicle.

Fremont Police said the electric vehicle passed the test and saved $ 4,000 in fuel in one year.

"Electric vehicles can withstand heavy police use, are virtually maintenance free and can meet the needs of the police force," she added.

In 2018, the Fremont Police Department purchased a used Tesla Model S for $ 61,000 to replace a Dodge Charger.

It is equipped with the necessary equipment and aims to convert it into a police patrol car to see if the electric cars meet the requirements of the patrol cars and reduce the cost of petrol.

The car has been tested by police patrols and used on the road last year.

After using it for over a year, the Fremont Police Department released a full report on their experience with the Model S which they believed was a success.

Police said the cost of transporting Tesla cars in a year is much lower than the cost of filling standard Ford Police cars.

Tesla's maintenance costs are higher, but police say electric vehicle breakdowns are about four weeks less than the fuel vehicles in its fleet.

The ministry estimates that reducing Tesla maintenance could extend the life of the patrol car by more than the five years expected.

Other benefits include less engine noise, a feeling of security and control over personnel, reduced anxiety and stress, and improved wireless connectivity.

The results of the pilot program led the Fremont Police Department to develop plans to expand their fleet of alternative electric vehicles.

"The final results of a one-year pilot electric patrol car program are encouraging as the City of Fremont continues to find cost-effective ways to make Fremont more sustainable," the report said.

After successfully testing the Model S, the Fremont Police Department has now added the Model Y to their fleet.

Authorities state that Y Type may be better than Type S due to its lower initial price, longer range, and greater storage space.

The Tesla Model S passed the Fremont Police Department test
The Tesla Model S passed the Fremont Police Department test

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