The USA is giving a new extension to ByteDance
The USA is giving a new extension to ByteDance

Court documents show that the Trump administration extended the ByteDance order for 7 days, and ordered the Chinese company to sell the TikTok app to share short videos.

The Chinese company has taken longer to reorganize its ownership of the Tik Tok video sharing app in the US.

The US Treasury Department said: The US Foreign Investment Committee agreed to extend another week.

The US government previously granted ByteDance a 15-day extension to the August order, which was due to expire Friday.

On August 14, President Trump asked the Chinese company to withdraw the order within 90 days.

As mentioned in the TikTok app in the court file, the new deadline is December 4.

Under pressure from the US government, Bytedance has been negotiating for months to enter into a contract with Walmart and Oracle to transfer US TikTok assets to a new company.

People familiar with the matter said the Chinese company had submitted a new proposal to address US government concerns. He refused to reveal details of the proposal.

A representative of the U.S. Treasury Department said the delay is aimed at reviewing the recently received review.

ByteDance submitted the proposal after it was announced on November 10 that it would submit four proposals (including one in November).

These proposals are designed to address US concerns by creating a new entity, 100% owned by Walmart, Oracle and the company's existing US investors, responsible for data processing and content modification, based on TikTok users in the United States.

Federal court also prohibits the US Department of Commerce from placing separate restrictions on TikTok, including restrictions on transactions. TikTok said: This could effectively block the app from being used in the US.

Federal court also banned an order from the Department of Commerce requiring Apple and Google to prevent new users from downloading Tik Tok downloads in the US. The ban is expected to go into effect on September 27.

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