Touch Bar with Force Touch for MacBook computers
Touch Bar with Force Touch for MacBook computers

It is reported that Apple has filed a patent for the Force Touch application on MacBook computers, after abandoning pressure sensor technology from smartphones and smartwatches.

The United States Patent and Trademark Office filed a patent application with an updated version of the MacBook Touch Bar.

The new version looks almost the same as the current version, except that additional Force Touch circuits have been added, indicating that this feature may appear on redesigned MacBooks next year.

Force Touch is Apple's haptic feedback technology that detects subtle differences in pressure and can provide different responses depending on the strength of the clicker.

The company began adding it to the MacBook trackpad in 2015 to preserve all traditional trackpad functionality without the need for mechanical buttons.

Apple added it to the iPhone 6s as a 3D Touch in the same year, but it later stopped production and replaced it with the Haptic Touch feature from the iPhone 11 series. This function is not very sensitive and has abandoned many of its predecessor's functions.

Apple's smartwatch line includes Force Touch, which started with the first hour until the company pulled support for watchOS 7 earlier this year.

Having been dropped by Apple in smartphones and watches, it appears that Apple is still planning to add its features to its lineup of laptops.

The patent filed in May 2019 clearly shows the Touch Bar on the MacBook, which has a new circuit in which Force Touch operates.

There are no other details on how it works, but it's not hard to imagine using Force Touch from the Touch Bar to avoid accidental clicks. This is a problem for MacBook users who have it. He has complained about this for many years.

MacBook Pro is currently the only Mac with a Touch Bar. Since Apple updated the MacBook Air to only include Touch ID, it never mentioned that it will offer interactive small OLED bars. For other models.

The small interactive OLED touch bar replaces the programmable keyboard over the traditional keyboard.

The touch bar allows users to configure more detailed shortcuts and functions better than any mechanical switch.

Users complained that they seldom use the toolbar in practice, and after launching the Touch Bar in 2016, Apple hasn't made a significant copy of the product.

After the Touch Bar has disappeared in recent years, Apple can count on Force Touch to help revamp it.

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