Twitter is considering adding a dislike button
Twitter is considering adding a dislike button

A Twitter official said he is investigating the possibility of adding buttons that users do not like or the ability to negatively vote on tweets that users do not like, similar to popular sites such as (Reddit) Reddit.

Twitter Chief Product Officer (Kaifon Baikpour) responded to a tweet from cybersecurity expert Jackie Snage praising US President Joe Biden's campaign. I suggested "Add a button that you don't like or can vote against": This is what the company is currently looking for.

While Twitter always says: Consider adding new features, these features may not appear. However, requiring company employees to publish a study to add back-to-back features could allow the company to actually build on controversy related to the platform (especially in more significant events, such as the US presidential election). Activate the job.

Singh commented on the Twitter post (temporary tweet) titled "Fleet" in a tweet. She insisted Twitter would prioritize dealing with issues such as coordinated misconduct, harassment and incorrect information.

Baikpour has not released any additional information about the feature (I don't like it) or the voting feature (Declined).

On Tuesday, Twitter announced the official release of the (temporary tweet) feature, which will no longer be available to compete with most of the posts and stories posted on other social media apps.

In March of last year, the US tech giant began testing its new feature called Fleets, which stands for short-lived. Today announced that it will be open to all users.

Twitter said in its blog on Tuesday, “Twitter is intended to be a public chat service because you can see what is going on and discuss. However, some people tell us that Twitter is embarrassing because it appears to be public and persistent, and there is a lot of pressure to collect favorite tweets. “That's why unfortunately there are still so many tweets in the draft! "

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