Twitter warns of 4 tweets by Trump about vote counting
Twitter warns of 4 tweets by Trump about vote counting

A Twitter spokesperson said: The site added a banner to President Trump's four tweets this Saturday to show that "the electoral misleading charges are a continuation of the company's attempts to curb disinformation to the platform."

"No evidence," Trump wrote on Twitter - "Thousands of ballot papers were released illegally on Tuesday after 8 pm Election Day. This will easily change elections in Pennsylvania and some other sensitive states." Consequently. He claimed that “unlawful surveillance of thousands of votes is not allowed” and said that “bad things” have occurred “when the cruel and cruel nature of legal transparency is not permitted”.

Twitter also posted a tweet from Trump, adding a statement to Jim Jordan's tweet. Trump claimed that people were demanding transparency and that "... legal observers have been denied access to the triage room!"

There is no evidence that state law enforcement officials who determine the outcome are not permitted to take a census. To date, former Vice President Joe Biden (Joe Biden) has received 284 votes to determine the outcome in his favor and become the new President of the United States.

A Twitter spokesperson told The Verge in an email today (Saturday): The platform has issued a warning regarding three tweets and one quoted tweet: “In accordance with the Citizen Integrity Policy, we will strictly restrict posting on these Tweets.

Since Election Day, Twitter has actively implemented a civic integrity policy, adding several warning flags to Trump's tweets about the election and vote count. On Friday morning, the warning was added to dozens of tweets from the president. The tag was added to the tweet on Saturday morning, less than an hour after it was posted.

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