UK competition regime limits Google and Facebook performance
UK competition regime limits Google and Facebook performance

The UK plans to introduce a new competition mechanism next year to prevent the domination of Google and Facebook from knocking small businesses out of competition and harming consumers.

The law will create a separate division within the UK's Competition and Markets Authority, which stated earlier this year that new laws are needed to control tech giants.

The UK Competition Authority said: Google and Facebook dominate digital advertising, accounting for nearly 80% of the £ 14 billion in 2019.

The two US companies have stated that they are determined to work with the UK government and regulators to build a digital advertising activity that gives users greater control over their data and the ads they see.

UK Digital Technology Minister (Oliver Dowden) said that while he was an "open advocate of technology" there was growing consensus that concentrating power in a few companies would limit growth and growth. Innovation will bring benefits to individuals and businesses. Come to negativity. depend on.

"Now is the time to fix this problem and usher in a new era of technological development," Dutton said Friday.

The new Digital Markets division will begin operations in April and could grant powers to suspend or bar tech companies from making decisions and impose fines for violations.

The government has said companies need to be more transparent about consumer data and prohibit hard-to-use restrictions on competing platforms. The rules will also help the information industry to restore the data balance between issuers and platforms.

The UK Competition and Markets Authority announced on Monday that it is studying a complaint against Google technology that requires a formal investigation.

According to marketers from Open Web, an alliance of technology and publishing companies, Google has redesigned the Chrome browser and Chromium developer tools to better control publishers and advertisers.

Google said: The advertising industry needs to adapt to changing expectations about how data is collected and used.

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