Will Apple release its long awaited Mac tomorrow?
Will Apple release its long awaited Mac tomorrow?

Tomorrow, November 10, Tuesday, Apple will have a new event (One more thing). This is the company's third event after the events of September and October in which the new iPhone 12 and the release of the iPad and Apple Watch were announced.

The company also announced at the developer conference last June that it will officially start using its own processors in Mac laptops and desktops that run ARM, and it is expected that Apple Silicon will be the first computers to use instead of Intel processors in this case will use this The new processor?

For the first time, Apple has developed a processor (Apple Silicon) similar to the A14 Bionic processor used in the Apple iPhone 12 and the new iPad with 5 nm technology, which is 40% faster than the previous processor (A13 Bionic). And TSMC will produce it.

Apple said Apple is committed to providing the highest performance with the lowest energy consumption. The new processor (Apple silicon) will reach a new level of performance and be more energy efficient on the next Mac computer. Extend battery life.

Additionally, new processors provide world-class security for future Mac computers thanks to T1 and T2 chipsets that provide features like Touch Bar, Secure Enclave, and more. The company has also developed GPUs for this improvement in application performance. performance. Professional games include: (Neural Engine) and Machine Learning Accelerator, making Mac computers an ideal machine learning platform, including high-quality image signal processors, powerful DRAM, unified memory and encryption acceleration.

Mac computers designed to work on the new processor (Apple Silicon) support iPhone and iPad applications, which improves the overall user experience.

Which computer is most famous to use with the new Apple Silicon processor?

Apple plans to convert all Mac computers to use with the new Apple Silicon processor in the near future. There are rumors that the first Mac computer to use the new processor will be the 13-inch MacBook Air. 13-inch MacBook Pro.

A report from Bloomberg and another from Ming-Chi Kuo, a benchmark analyst, said the two models will be the first models to be used with the new processor, and both will be used at tomorrow's November event. . Show.

Bloomberg also said that Apple could launch the 16-inch MacBook in the same condition, but as the company continues to use these designs, it is unlikely that the new Mac computers will be redesigned to be compatible with the new Apple Silicon processors. Released this year. Stream.

However, Apple is widely expected to redesign the 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pro models with a fresh look in 2021. However, the first Mac computer will be equipped with a new processor and its design will be refreshed slightly. Day - day. These are the releases of new processors, smaller Mac Pro computers, Mac Mini computers, and 24-inch iMac computers that future Apple Silicon processors will support.

Apple is expected to release its own processors to Mac computers in the coming years. This will be the future of these devices for years to come. In this case, Apple may announce a small number of new Apple processors. Mac computers are used together, but that gives us an idea of ​​our expectations. In terms of performance and independence, the Mac computers of the future.

It is worth noting that (something else) the event starts at 10 am (9 pm Mecca time) at Apple headquarters. It will be streamed live on Apple's website.

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