Windows 10 update breaks Office updates .. Here's how to fix the problem
Windows 10 update breaks Office updates .. Here's how to fix the problem

Microsoft has warned Windows 10 users that the latest update contains many bugs. A security vulnerability has been reported that prevents people from updating Office products due to missing certificates.

After downloading the October 2020 Update, some Windows 10 users received the error message "Office 365 file download failed, error =" and Microsoft did not provide a workaround to the problem, which means that the person updates the Windows error, update Office and then reinstall the Windows patch.

Microsoft engineer David James posted a tweet about the issue on Twitter saying, it appears that the issue is caused by a Windows 10 update where the certificate failed and Memcm and Configuration Manager were preventing the certificate from downloading the office updates.

For Microsoft, Office update errors aren't the only problem that users have recently encountered with Windows fixes. There are also reports that the Windows 10 patch will cause file browser problems and even the terrible blue screen of the October death. Microsoft has not commented on these system crashes, but acknowledges that system and user certificates can be lost during the update process.

The Microsoft support document states: “This mainly occurs when using legacy software packages or media to update devices that are managed through update management tools such as Windows Server Update Services or Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager. This can also happen when using physical media. Old or ISO images do not contain the latest integration update.

Microsoft recommends users use the official Windows Update service to install hotfixes for their operating systems instead of reducing the possibility of problems.

It should be noted that since Microsoft launched the Edge browser in January last year, the company has become increasingly interested in helping it with a lot of new features to compete with Google Chrome, especially because of its addiction. Edge Browser with Chromium Engine is very popular among users. Microsoft recently announced an important new browser feature: the Vertical Tab feature, which allows users to move the tab bar in a vertical layout from the top of the screen to the left side of the screen.

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