You are using the Android fingerprint reader incorrectly
You are using the Android fingerprint reader incorrectly

Fingerprint reader for Android provides a fast and convenient way to unlock a smartphone. If you are using it manually, you may have noticed that the fingerprint reader may not be reliable, which requires several attempts to operate. Because it only takes a second to get an additional job, but it's a quick hurdle to unlock it.

The problem is that when you use your hands, your fingerprints wear out and change. The changes made aren't enough to get you out of crime, but the damage and scars can be enough to trick the scanner.

If you work outdoors or technically with two hands, this is a problem. Those who like hard things like climbing will also encounter this problem, but there are three solutions for fingerprint scanning for Android. Related topics.

Use the middle finger:

Using your middle fingerprints takes some getting used to, but I (and others who have shared this technique with me) have found that fingerprints on your middle finger cause less damage than other fingers. . This is especially useful for Android smartphones with a fingerprint reader on the back.

Next to your finger:

Instead of using your fingertips, use the side, especially the thumb. Again, this is a smooth product with less damage as this technology is very effective for smartphones with side fingerprint readers.

System Games:

Another method that works well is to register the same finger multiple times at different times on the fingerprint reader. This way the phone learns to read fingerprints through random scars over a certain period of time. This technology is useful for people who do not want to use their fingers to unlock their smartphones.

It's worth noting that your Android phone comes with a dictionary that you wrote yourself. This isn't surprising, because other than that he always knows how to correct misspelled words or make contextual suggestions about what you say. !

You might not know that on your Android phone, you can actually add and delete words to the dictionary. If you are much confused by words that the phone thinks are missing, say for example, if your friends type their name in an unusual way, this will be very helpful.

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