Amazon Alexa can switch between multiple languages
Amazon Alexa can switch between multiple languages

Amazon has updated its Alexa voice assistant, so that it can automatically switch between multiple languages.

This update follows the release of a number of Alexa mini add-ons in November that add functionality and make the voice assistant even more useful.

For the first time in 2019, the voice assistant has the function of automatic response to requests in English and other languages.

However, I am restricted to two languages ​​simultaneously and there is no change. Now users can enable more languages ​​in the Alexa app.

Amazon Assistant can speak German, French (French Canadian), Japanese, American Spanish and Hindi with English language.

In addition, users can set a new primary language by saying "Alexa speaks Spanish" or "Alexa speaks Spanish and English" to change the language without entering the app.

The voice assistant has also been given the opportunity to respond to what Amazon calls "potential targets". This basically means Alexa can handle the requests hidden in the original question or, of course, it can follow up on the original question. .

And according to Amazon, if you ask an assistant, how long does it take to brew tea? A therapist can assume that the primary goal is to set a timer for tea drinking, so says the therapist, it will take five minutes and then continue: Should I set the timer for five minutes?

In addition to these two major changes, the voice assistant can also integrate Fire TV commands into Alexa Actions.

To increase the penetration of voice assistants into products and services, you can now also use Amazon Shopping App Assistant to check product and status updates for hands-free orders.

These are just a few of the skills-related changes in Alexa that Amazon introduced in November.

Echo devices also received a comprehensive update, Echo frames are now popular, Echo Buds have new workout skills supported by voice assistants, and Echo Show devices can now visit health centers. Amazon cares about the elderly.

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