Amazon's Zoox unveils a self-driving taxi
Amazon's Zoox unveils a self-driving taxi

Amazon Zoox, which focuses on self-driving cars, has announced its first self-driving taxi.

Zoox has launched a fully autonomous electric vehicle that requires no driver intervention and is designed to provide on-demand telephone services. It's a train-like car with passengers facing each other and there is no space for the driver and the person usually sitting next to it. It can accommodate up to four people.

In June, Amazon acquired Zoox, a startup that was established nearly 6 years ago. At the time, the US e-commerce giant was providing detailed information on how it planned to use Zoox technology.

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos has previously expressed a passion for cars, and the company uses self-driving trucks to transport some goods. Self-driving cars like Zoox can adapt over time to Amazon's large logistics network.

Self-driving taxis have features that set them apart from the competition, such as: B. Alphabet's Waymo, General Motors Cruise Cruise, Uber and Tesla. It has two-way steering capabilities and four wheels and can change direction without changing direction and drive in tight spaces.

Amazon cars are equipped with a number of cameras, radar sensors and a 3D sensor in all four corners of the vehicle, which eliminates typical blind spots and creates a 270-degree field of view on the road. The car can go 75 mph and up to 16 hours on a single charge. It is also equipped with a four-seat airbag system.

The vehicle is designed to serve passengers in urban environments. Zoox said: It's currently being tested in three cities: Las Vegas, Nevada, Foster City, and San Francisco, California.

The company plans to offer an application-based approval service. Zoox, a subsidiary of Amazon, said its first target markets are San Francisco and Las Vegas.

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