Android 11 update for Galaxy Note 10 devices
Android 11 update for Galaxy Note 10 devices

Samsung's One UI 3.0 update is now used on older company's devices, starting with the Galaxy Note 10 and Galaxy Note 10 Plus.

The update brings functional changes to Android 11 as well as minor visual tweaks and interfaces for Samsung smartphones. The update was released last year on the Galaxy Note 10 and Galaxy Note 10 Plus devices in Germany, Spain and Switzerland. .

If not in a few weeks, Samsung is expected to expand its release to other regions early next year.

Samsung began beta testing One UI 3.0 after the release of Android 11 last fall. Depending on the region, the update has gone through various stages of availability of different smartphones.

Starting in October, Note 10 and Note 10 Plus devices will have an experimental user interface.

In early December, Samsung began rolling out the official phone update for the Galaxy S20 and Galaxy Note 20 series, and plans to roll out the update for foldable devices and flagships released in 2019.

The new software update is pre-installed with firmware version N97xFXXU6ETLL and contains December 2020 security fixes.

This means that we will soon see the release of One UI 3.0 on the Galaxy Z Fold, Galaxy Z Fold 2 and Galaxy Z Flip devices, as well as a wide range of updates for Note 10 devices outside Europe.

In addition to the benefits of Android 11 (for example, chat bubbles, unique permissions, media play tools, and the chat pane in the notification center), the new update also provides UI 3.0 functionality like a que: an updated redesigned user interface, updated inventory of apps, feature-rich keyboards, and advanced locking features And dynamic screens, screen lock widgets, improve performance and improve phone security.

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