Apple allows paid content to be shared in apps with the family
Apple allows paid content to be shared in apps with the family

Developers and users using iOS 14 and macOS Big Sur can now use the option that allows users to share paid content in the app with their families.

Apple announced that subscriptions and one-time in-app purchases can now be shared between families.

When you buy in-game consumable items like coins, you are still the only person who can use them.

However, if you purchased the ad-free or pro version of the app, you may be able to participate in the new Family Sharing program.

Apple announced the change at its WWDC 2020 event in June, but it is now allowing developers to share subscriptions and purchases.

Previously, you could share Apple ID purchases with your family through iCloud Family Sharing, which includes apps, music, movies, and Apple Music subscriptions. However, in-app purchases are still unique and not shareable.

As this option became publicly available, it has now changed and some users have been reminded that they can now share apps for in-app purchases and subscription options.

There is now a new option to share eligible subscriptions with family members through iCloud Family Sharing, and another new option to turn off subscription sharing for specific apps.

Not all apps allow you to share in-app purchases and subscriptions with your family because developers have to manually enable family sharing for their apps through the App Store Connect portal.

Apple said in its developer update that it can now enable Family Sharing to auto-renew subscriptions and non-consumable in-app purchases.

This allows users to share their purchases with up to five family members and take advantage of these features.

Family Sharing enables developers to gain followers, boost paid subscriptions, and increase user engagement.

Developers can implement Family Sharing for in-app purchases or subscriptions, require each family member to register, or make separate purchases.

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