Apple could launch a new MacBook Pro in 2021
Apple could launch a new MacBook Pro in 2021

Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, known for Apple's nuances of vulnerability, has released a new report focusing on plans to switch to miniature LED display technology and Apple's potential release of two shippers to three new chargers in 2021. The possibility.

Kuo predicted on Tuesday that the switch to micro-LED displays would come faster than originally anticipated.

Kuo revised its forecast to ship Apple devices with micro-LED display technology in the new description. (Ku) had previously predicted that Apple would ship 2-3 million units by 2021 and between 4 and 5 million units by 2022. Now analysts say: Apple will ship 10-12 million units in 2000. By 2021 it will be 25-28 million units by 2022.

Kuo said there are two reasons for the increase in shipments: Over the next two years, cost improvement will be better than expected; The adoption speed of mini LED displays in MacBook is better than expected.

Apple plans to launch my MacBook Pro in a brand new form in 2021, Guo said, and both devices will use mini-LED technology. Apple will also launch a new MacBook Air computer at a lower price than the current one in 2022 which will also use a small LED display.

The analyst said the MacBook series will become the flagship of micro-LED displays as the speed of adoption of micro-LED technology in laptops and growth in shipments is better than the iPad.

Kuo predicts that due to the use of a new Apple Silicon processor and an entirely new PC, MacBook (MacBook) shipments will increase by 30% to 35 million units per year over the next three years.

Kuo said, “Since the cost of Apple Silicon is much lower than that of Intel processors, the use of Apple Silicon could offset the increased cost of using mini-LED displays.

It should be noted that mini LED technology is a new type of backlight that uses LCD screens. It has many of the advantages of OLED displays, but can sometimes improve brightness, energy efficiency, and reduce fatigue.

Apple is expected to release 2 to 3 new chargers in 2021. Analyst notes are not clear, but GaN fast charging technology (gallium nitride) aims to make the wall charger even more powerful. The analyzer can point to MagSafe's ever-growing range of wireless charging accessories.

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