Apple develops 32-core processors for high-end Mac computers
Apple develops 32-core processors for high-end Mac computers

According to the latest Bloomberg report, Apple is developing a new ARM processor with up to 32 high-performance cores.

The processor may appear on the new Mac in the second half of 2021 and the new Mac Pro in 2022.

The company has also been reported to be developing a 20-core processor design for the new MacBook Pro and the iMac-16 with high performance and 4 low power cores.

The new processor can be released in the spring of 2021, and future Apple Silicon models can also be equipped with GPUs of up to 128 cores.

After announcing the future processor, Apple released the first Macs with its own chipsets.

The new MacBook Air, MacBook Pro and Mac mini use the company's own M1 chip, which has four high-performance cores and four energy-efficient cores.

Apple's high-performance devices (such as the Mac Pro) continue to use Intel chips, and Apple has announced plans to switch the entire line of Macs to its own chips within the next two years.

Bloomberg reports that Apple is not only increasing the number of processor cores, but it is also developing chips with more GPU cores.

The current M1 chip is equipped with seven or eight GPU cores. Apple is currently testing 16-core and 32-core models and is developing chips with up to 128 cores for computers slated for release in 2021 or late 2022.

Apple develops a high-performance 16-core processor. However, Bloomberg announced that it may only release 8 or 12 active cores depending on the production method.

Bloomberg said - before Apple announced the move to ARM-based processors - Bloomberg has developed high-performance eight-core and four-core energy-efficient processors, but has not officially announced a processor with that number. Of hearts.

Given Apple's ambitious plan to convert the entire Mac lineup to their chipset within the next two years, it makes sense to have a reliable development chip.

ARM-based Mac is a model that combines performance with energy savings. However, offering the same functionality to powerful Intel processors (such as the Mac Pro) can be more difficult.

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