Apple electric cars won't arrive until 2025
Apple electric cars won't arrive until 2025

Reliable analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has warned of rumors that Apple's electric cars could arrive anytime before 2025 and warned that many products are still under development.

A report released earlier this month indicated that several auto parts factories in Taiwan will supply Apple with the launch of Apple electric vehicles in September 2021.

The suspicious information in the report appears unlikely for many reasons, such as the lack of accurate vehicle specifications and the short lead time needed to manufacture such a large product.

In a notice to investors, Ming-Chi Kuo, an analyst at TF Securities, warned that he cannot believe the hype surrounding the report, which will help add value to business concept stocks that may be related to Apple's efforts.

Buying shares in subsidiaries is a quick answer and can be short term. Guo Ming Ku said there are at least three reasons why investors are not doing so now.

The uncertainty about the release schedule, lack of vehicle suppliers or specifications, and uncertainty about Apple's competitiveness in the electric and autonomous vehicle market are the most important issues to consider.

TF Securities previously forecast that Apple's electric cars will hit the market between 2023 and 2025. However, the company's recent survey found that the company's current development plan is unclear.

TF Securities estimates that the potential launch time for self-driving cars will be between 2025 and 2027, should Apple begin operations in 2020 and things go well.

Given the changes in the electric and autonomous vehicle market and Apple's high quality standards, Guo said, we wouldn't be surprised if Apple's electric vehicle launch schedule was pushed back to 2028 or later. .

The memo adds that the report's specifications, suppliers, and rumors are purely speculation and do not include actual suppliers of Apple EVs.

Additionally, as technical specifications continue to evolve, it is too early to discuss the final specifications as soon as possible before the planned release.

When it comes to market competitiveness, TF Securities believes that the main success factor for Apple EVs is not devices, but big data like autonomous driving and artificial intelligence. In this respect, Apple has not shown a clear competitive advantage over its current products.

One of Kuo's biggest concerns appears to be that Apple is 5 years or more behind in deep learning compared to Tesla and Waymo.

Kuo noted that the competition between electric cars and self-driving cars is fierce, and it is hard to believe Apple's success.

Notably, Morgan Stanley's current view of Apple EVs differs from Guo's view.

From a different perspective, Goldman Sachs analysts believe Apple is most interested in the in-car experience, while Goldman Sachs writes about the schedule for 2024, which shows the car's importance as an apartment. A hardware model for support services, but the implementation cost can be high. This means that it will have a limited impact on investors.

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