Apple has begun sending iPhones to security experts
Apple has begun sending iPhones to security experts

Apple security experts participating in the SRD program may soon receive a hacker-friendly iPhone.

The tech giant informed the early participants that their DTH calls would be sent out instantly.

The software's iPhone behaves similarly to a standard iPhone, but gives security researchers broader access so that attendees can use all the tools they need to identify vulnerabilities.

Apple announced its first plan in July to improve security for all iOS users.

This plan is part of Apple's security commitment and aims to enable more security researchers to join the iPhone and improve the efficiency of those who do iOS security work.

The program contains an iPhone dedicated to security research and can implement unique containment codes and strategies so that researchers can conduct research without jailbreaking phones.

Researchers can keep the SRD provided to them for 12 months. If you wish to continue participating after the end of the year, you can extend your visa.

Security researchers should notify Apple of vulnerabilities found, tested, or verified by scanning for devices, or notifying developers of bugs in third-party code.

However, attendees can still join Apple's $ 1 million bug bounty program.

You can use the search device to find and reward errors.

Since the program includes a limited distribution of devices, the company has selected research candidates who have good experience in identifying security issues on Apple platforms.

And the plan appears to be continuing for a while, the company said: During the next application period in 2021, applicants who did not choose this round would be automatically considered.

Program participants have access to comprehensive documentation and a forum for collaboration between Apple engineers. Apple values ​​working with independent researchers and the work they do across platforms.

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