Apple has officially announced the launch of the premium AirPods Max
Apple has officially announced the launch of the premium AirPods Max

After Apple announced its high-end headset (AirPods Max) on Tuesday, AirPods Max has experienced a long period full of leaks and rumors.

This new headset is available for $ 549 from the US tech giant and has the ability to deliver high-performance audio through the Apple H1 chip.

AirPods Max have a 40mm dynamic motor designed by Apple to provide a wide range of high-performance audio features. The neodymium dual ring magnet actuator enables the new headphones to maintain total harmonic distortion over the entire audible range at only 1%, even at the maximum volume.

AirPods Max uses an Apple H1 chip in every part of the headset, and uses custom sound design and advanced software. The process of processing sound calculation is called that each ear is processed on 10 sound cores. The company said it can perform 9 billion operations per second. The H1 chip offers many features such as Adaptive Equalizer, Active Noise Reduction, Transparent Mode, and Spatial Audio.

The two parts of the headphone have three microphones facing out to capture ambient noise, and a microphone in the headphone cap can monitor the sound that reaches the listener's ears. Through the H1 chip's algorithmic sound processing, noise suppression can continuously adapt in real time to the position and movement of the headphone.

Like the AirPods Pro, Apple has applied transparency and spatial audio modes to the new AirPods Max. Using the compass and accelerometers in the new iPhone and iPad headphones, the Spatial Voice function can track the movement of a user's head and device, compare motion data, and then reset the sound field so that it remains constant even when the user is their employer. The head moves.

The same sensor integrated with the optical sensor can automatically detect when AirPods Max is at the user's head. Once placed, the headset will sound a tone and playback may pause if removed or if the user removes one of the headphone covers.

A beamforming microphone is used for Siri and voice calls, blocking ambient noise and focusing on the user's voice to improve clarity.

Breathable woven mesh cover on the headband similar to the HomePod series. Apple said its formula is designed to "reduce weight and reduce head pressure."

The stainless steel headband frame provides strength, flexibility and comfort for all head shapes and sizes. Each part of the headset is attached to the headband via a mechanism developed by Apple to equalize and distribute the pressure from the earmuffs, so that they can rotate independently and match the unique contours of the user's head.

Apple claims battery life can be up to 20 hours of audio playback and talk time even with active noise cancellation and spatial audio enabled.

When the headphones are in the included case, their power consumption is very low. Save battery.

AirPods Max is available in five colors: Gray, Silver, Cyan, Green and Pink. It's available to order now for $ 549. Shipping starts December 15th.

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