Apple is considering a matte black MacBook
Apple is considering a matte black MacBook

According to a new patent filed with the US Patent and Trademark Office, Apple is considering an option to block the MacBook.

The company holds high-absorbency pending patents in matte black on a range of products including iPhone, iPad and Macbooks.

The patent application entitled "An oxidizing fraction to a matte black appearance" describes the properties of a paint solution and possible manufacturing methods for this.

The patent shows that the colorant solution can be used on a variety of metals and metal alloys, including aluminum, titanium and steel.

The color solution consists of an oxide layer that contains visible light-absorbing properties, and the layer contains holes in which colored particles are injected to create a matte solid surface.

The original black color is difficult to achieve because most commercially available black products are dark gray.

The patent states that the precipitation of dye particles into the pores of the oxide layer is not sufficient to give a true black color.

One problem is that the darker the black, the higher the luster, which in turn reflects more visible light.

Apple's solution appears to be in line with current pure black solutions like Vantablack, which is one of the darkest materials known to absorb up to 99.995% of light.

Apple said, in order to make products more attractive to consumers, it is difficult to get pure black instead of dark gray, and consumer electronics manufacturers have failed to obtain pure black. .

She added: The best attempt is to get only dark gray, and one of the challenges in getting pure black is that the oxidized metal can be a color that can reflect a lot of visible light.

As with Apple's patents, there's no indication that this idea will come onto the market, and matte black MacBooks will no doubt be welcome.

These claims can't be considered evidence of the products Apple is trying to bring to market, but they do provide some insights into Apple's research and development behind the scenes.

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