The US Patent and Trademark Office granted Apple a patent for reconfigurable keyboards.

Each reconfigurable control panel button has a small screen on which the control panel can display different characters according to the user's setting.

Last month, the company filed a patent for a new version of the Touch Bar with built-in Force Touch technology.

In the past few years, Apple has refreshed the keyboard through the MacBook, adding more features, such as: B. Touch Bar (which you can program yourself) and Apple Touch ID fingerprint sensor.

Since numbers, letters, and symbols are already printed on the keyboard, further drastic changes are difficult to make.

In addition to how the new keyboard works, the new idea might be similar to the existing touch bar.

The physical keys are still there, but the patent shows that the keys on the new keyboard have very small screens for each key rather than the usually embossed stickers.

The patent reveals a dynamic lettering panel produced by an OLED display with an array of pixels.

These screens should not have high resolutions or other special specifications as they must focus on displaying basic characters.

This allows users to set different motherboard layouts. These layouts can also change button labels, for example b - specific formats for games, programming or video editing.

Apple can also create a single keyboard template for use around the world, so that the new keyboard keys can display different characters based on the user's preferences.

User may want to switch control panel between first format (like English format) and second format (like German format).

In addition, the electronic device control circuit can change the keyboard sticker displayed on the keyboard screen from English to German, thus changing the control panel from the first format to the second format.

The patented numbers show that Apple is exploring the use of this new technology with the integrated and standalone motherboards for desktops like the iMac, Mac mini and Mac Pro used in MacBook computers.

Apple may let you change each letter via the keyboard
Apple may let you change each letter via the keyboard

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