Biden will not back down from Trump's campaign against Chinese technology
Biden will not back down from Trump's campaign against Chinese technology

President-elect (Biden) presents an irreversible technical challenge from President (Donald Trump) to China, but according to a CNBC expert, Biden is likely to be more focused in his approach and working with his allies.

During his presidency, Trump has tried to challenge the Chinese tech industry with sanctions, orders, and other measures, and Biden will likely continue to implement those policies.

Trump has disrupted the decades-old status quo between the United States and China, and his administration has taken numerous measures against large Chinese technology companies.

The Trump administration blacklisted Huawei in the United States last year, known as the "Entity List."

This has resulted in limited access to American technology and, in some cases, access to American technology, such as Google's Android operating system on which Huawei smartphones are based.

As a result, sales of Huawei's smartphones were affected, and the United States also took steps to prevent Huawei from acquiring major semiconductors, which worried the Trump administration.

Blackberry was blacklisted by the US Department of Commerce (SMIC) in mid-December.

Under Biden, the way to ban Chinese tech companies could continue. The new US administration sees this technology as the main source of competition, and Trump's approach could continue to block the flow of some vital technologies into China.

The primary difference is that the operation will work closely with the private sector and its allies with more energy focused on narrow technologies.

The Biden administration will likely work with the Allies to formulate strategies for Chinese technology so that the Biden team can articulate what to control emerging and core technologies.

This could include artificial intelligence and quantum computers, which are the next generation of computers that use quantum physics to solve problems that computers take years to solve today.

Controlling teams with less technical content may prefer high-walled national security techniques and clearer definitions of basic national security technologies.

Biden could also continue Trump's efforts to block Chinese suppliers of 5G networks.

What is certain is that, under Biden’s leadership, the technological war between China and the US continues and the US has little choice in allowing China to take the lead. To challenge the world through technology or to challenge the world.

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