Canoo launched its new electric truck
Canoo launched its new electric truck

Canoo, an electric vehicle startup, has revealed its second planned vehicle, an electric truck, and plans to add pickup trucks and build small factories.

The electric delivery truck is the company's second vehicle, after the custom truck that was first introduced last year.

There are two different vehicle sizes for delivery cars, they start at around $ 33,000, Kanoo said. The car is expected to sell in limited quantities in late 2022 and expand in 2023.

Canoo CEO Tony Aquila said in an interview: MPDV isn't just about delivering goods, it's also about providing use cases.

Aquila, who was appointed to the position in October, said Cano plans to add a pickup truck to circumvent the company's plan to produce a seven-seater capsule-shaped car in the second quarter of 2022 and manufacture it in 2025. trucks and sports cars.

Canoo developed a low platform that combines batteries, electric motors, and chassis components such as steering, brakes and wheels on which different types of objects can be built.

Canoo is currently signing a manufacturing contract with supplier Magna International and intends to manufacture its own vehicles in a smaller plant.

The Los Angeles-based company said its truck can hold 30% more containers than its competitors.

The demand for electric cars has increased, and many companies such as Ford, General Motors, Mercedes, Rivian and Arrival are developing similar cars.

Canoo, which is working with the South Korean company Hyundai, said the courier will be fully connected with data communication functions and will have autonomous driving technology and software update functions from the air.

Both MPDV1 and MPDV2 are expected to offer three battery sizes: the MPDV1's rated driving distance is 209 to 370 kilometers and 145 to 306 kilometers. For MPDV2 vehicles.

The car first appeared on the American market, followed by Canada, Mexico and Europe. Canoo has announced that it will introduce the third largest model in the truck segment.

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