Chrome introduces new privacy rules for add-ons
Chrome introduces new privacy rules for add-ons

The Chrome Browser Team at Google announced several new developer features, updated additional developer guidelines, and new steps to improve overall browser performance at the 2020 Chrome Dev Web Developer Summit.

To improve the security of the extension, Google recently made some changes to the Chrome browser extension data collection policy.

Thanks to the new policy, the Chrome Web Store will soon determine which extensions developers can use to process the data they have collected.

Google also urges developers to endorse data usage practices and display that information on the Chrome Web Store.

In line with these new guidelines, Google announced that it will simplify the process of choosing which websites the extension can access.

Extensions are currently a privacy nightmare as extensions can choose which websites you want to visit when installing them.

According to the new announcement, the Chrome Web Store will have a new option soon. When installing the extension, you can set permissions to access the website.

This option should make it easy for users to set website access permissions for each extension.

This option reminds users who are not currently aware that they can restrict access to websites through Chrome browser extensions.

Starting in January, each extension will have a "Privacy Policy" section in the Chrome Web Store that explains what kind of data the extension is collecting.

The Chrome browser team announced that it will release the third version of the Base 88 manifesto in mid-January.

This release introduces new restrictions for plug-in developers to prevent them from accessing a large amount of user data, and puts relatively strict restrictions on how plug-ins interact with web pages.

Google said: Due to the comments received, some changes have been made to the third version of the basic statement.

After working hard to reduce overall memory consumption via the Chrome browser and making two updates earlier this year, the team is now working to address the V8 JavaScript engine and reduce memory usage.

The team discovered new ways to speed up the V8 engine and avoid crawling stoppages by uploading JavaScript files to the site in parallel to make sure it can be used when the page wants to achieve this. .

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