Facebook is having problems with messages on Messenger and Instagram
Facebook is having problems with messages on Messenger and Instagram

Facebook said Thursday: Some users are having problems sending messages through the Messenger app, photo and video sharing service (Instagram), and the Workplace service.

A company spokesperson said, "We are working hard to return everything to normal as quickly as possible." The company has the largest social network in the world with over 2.7 billion monthly active users.

Downdetector.com, which tracks downtime, shows that over 1,800 incidents reported problems with Messenger and 350 incidents reported on Instagram.

The problem Facebook faces coincides with a report that its strategy of attracting competitors could force Facebook to sell WhatsApp and Instagram after the US Federal Trade Commission and nearly all US states filed lawsuits to own. Against social media companies. .

These complaints accuse Facebook of gaining competitors, with a special focus on acquiring the Instagram photo-sharing app in 2012 and the WhatsApp messaging app in 2014.

Federal regulators stated that the acquisition should be reversed. This can create long-term legal challenges as the US Federal Trade Commission approved these transactions a few years ago.

Zuckerberg told employees in July that Facebook was up to the legal challenge of removing it, calling it an existential threat.

Although few people have tried to break up, some antitrust experts have said: Looking at the previous statement from Zuckerberg (for example, via email in 2008), the problem is very serious: buying is better than competition.

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