Facebook proposes to license its network to avoid monopoly lawsuits
Facebook proposes to license its network to avoid monopoly lawsuits

Facebook made an unusual suggestion to the Federal Trade Commission to avoid antitrust measures, licensing their code and network to competitors.

After the committee took legal action against Facebook, the Washington Post reported several new details about the company and regulators before the case was negotiated.

According to the Washington Post report, Facebook is also ready to drastically change its business practices to avoid litigation.

Suggested changes include granting access to powerful code and granting complex user relationships to other companies so that they can create their own version of the social network more easily.

The Federal Trade Commission rejected Facebook's proposal and filed a lawsuit on December 9. It accused Facebook of using the power of its platform to suppress its competitors and attempted to reverse its control over WhatsApp and Instagram.

The actual status of the platform licenses is not yet clear, but for those looking for a way to make it easy for users to switch between platforms, this is a confusing proposition.

This licensing agreement gives startups like TikTok access to many of Facebook's powerful tools. However, it is unclear if they will create much competition for the company.

As a new Wall Street Journal report outlines the details of the deal between the two companies, Facebook is under further scrutiny due to entering into a contract with Google to coordinate ad networks.

Since the Texas attorney general has detailed a case against Google, the transaction ensures Facebook wins a certain percentage of auctions through the Google auction page, which may constitute an arrangement between the two companies.

According to newspaper reports, the deal was publicly announced by Facebook CEO Sherrill Sandberg, with CEO Mark Zuckerberg (Mark Zuckerberg) saying the deal was of strategic importance.

Facebook executives gave detailed and clear instructions on how to avoid violations of antitrust laws.

The companies have denied the claim, although most of the state evidence has yet to be provided.

A Google representative said: Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton's statement about advertising technology is inaccurate. We will not change public auctions or prohibit the company from participating in auctions.

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