Facebook warns of the directive on protecting electronic data
Facebook warns of the directive on protecting electronic data

Facebook appears to be positioning itself as an enemy of the European Union's online privacy policy, although it tries to argue that such attempts do more harm than good.

According to Facebook, the reason why some Messenger and Instagram functions cannot be used in Europe is to comply with the Online Privacy Policy.

At the same time, he also indicates that the new law may increase the risks to users because social media companies cannot report malicious content and activity.

The Electronic Data Protection Directive prohibits companies from storing and processing metadata accompanying the actual content of messages.

This applies not only to SMS and email, but also to messaging systems such as instant messaging.

Facebook has temporarily stopped using certain Messenger and Instagram functions in Europe because it wants to comply with the directive.

Even users outside of the region who try to use these features while talking to someone in the European Union will not be able to use these features.

Facebook said: There are priorities for bringing back basic functions like text messaging and video calling to the service, but some jobs like polls can be time consuming because they inherently require the use of metadata.

In order to comply with the legal requirements, Facebook must change the way its services operate, for example b- separate email data from the rest of the infrastructure.

However, the social media giant has stressed that managing online privacy will have more serious consequences that go beyond the inability to take chat polls.

According to Facebook, the policy impedes the intelligence service's ability to detect and respond to harmful content and activities such as child abuse and illegal content.

This means that Facebook will blame the European Commission if such incidents increase in the region.

In addition to Facebook's ability to devise other ways to prevent this harmful use of its services, there may be a lot of controversy about the validity of Facebook's claims.

However, it cannot be argued that social networks also use this type of metadata for other purposes that benefit the company itself and thus generate a profit.

Facebook said: We look forward to working with European policymakers to ensure privacy and security, and we hope initiatives like Project Protect provide a unified way to protect people's privacy and keep them safe online with a guarantee. .

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