Facebook will release new security options in 2021
Facebook will release new security options in 2021

Facebook announced that users can set physical security keys to verify their identities before connecting to the social network's mobile applications over the next year.

The company currently offers the ability to request a physical security key prior to any communication in order to connect to a desktop computer.

"Users can buy physical security keys from retailers and register on Facebook," the company said.

The company supports the use of phone security keys, so anyone who logs into the account will need a password.

A security key can take many forms, including the key that creates a number that should be used when logging into an account with a traditional password.

The world's largest social network also plans to expand the Facebook Protect security program for popular accounts, including candidates for elections, into more types of accounts around the world over the next year.

The new security service was launched in July by hackers on the Twitter High Heels social platform. This resulted in several celebrity accounts being hacked, including President-elect (Biden) and CEO of Tesla (Elon Musk).

Facebook Protect is a well-known account security program that started in the United States. It gives politicians, government agencies, and election officials the power to improve account security through two-factor authentication and real-time monitoring of potential hacking threats.

Facebook said it will now make Facebook's protection software available to users, such as journalists and human rights defenders, who are most likely to be targeted by hackers.

Facebook reports that more than 70% of those closely participating in the 2020 US elections use two-factor authentication to secure their accounts through the platform.

"Attackers are trying to target people who are known on social media," said Nathaniel Gleicher, Facebook's director of cybersecurity policy. If you are not a CEO or political candidate, this does not mean that you are neither a prominent person in your field nor a target.

He added: We assume you need to protect your account because any hacked voice will be attacked by hackers and will become a tool by the attackers which will subsequently inflict more damage and cause immediate injuries.

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