Firefox added a new anti-tracking feature
Firefox added a new anti-tracking feature

Mozilla is planning to add a new anti-tracking feature called Network Partitioning to version 85 of the Firefox web browser, which will be released in January 2021.

This feature is based on client memory fragmentation, and is a new standard being developed by the Privacy Community Group of the World Wide Web Consortium.

Privacy researcher Zach Edwards said: The network segmentation feature is a very technical feature that can be simplified in the following ways: Your browser can store data on the website in a number of ways, not just files. Link definition.

He added: Other such storage mechanisms include HTTP caching, image caching, favorite icons caching, font caching, various storage mechanisms as well as others. Storage that can be used to track people on websites.

All of these data storage systems are shared between websites, Edwards says. The difference is that the network segmentation feature allows Firefox to save resources based on every website in the same group (instead of group), such as for example: cache, common tools, CSS files, images, etc.

Since advertisers and websites such as website analytics and third parties cannot verify the presence of data from other websites in this public pool, it is difficult to track users.

According to Mozilla, the network division functionality is used in Firefox under version 85, but it is not the first browser manufacturer to use this function.

Edwards said the first browser maker to do so was Apple. The HTTP cache was split in 2013. As part of the blocking feature, Apple split additional users a few years later. Data storage systems continue to use this method. Traceability.

Last month, Google split the HTTP cache with Chrome 86.

The Mozilla team is expecting the Firefox uploaded website to have performance issues. However, in order to improve users' privacy, they are ready to accept it.

Most digital decision-makers and strategists focus on eliminating external cookies. However, browsers should eliminate many other user tracking technologies and strategies.

Mozilla said: In Firefox version 85, a "network partition" feature has been added to better block super cookies. These are cookies that abuse various shared storage media so that advertisers can track a user's movements. On the World Wide Web.

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