Galaxy S21 phones will be launched worldwide on January 14th
Galaxy S21 phones will be launched worldwide on January 14th

According to a recent report from the Android Authority, Samsung plans to launch its flagship next-generation smartphone (Galaxy S21), Galaxy S21, globally on January 14th.

Samsung has been revealed to have had the largest mobile shopping experience in India, and the website (SamMobile), which specializes in delivering messages for the Korean company, confirmed the appointment later with representatives from the company's local office in India. However, the Android Authority report indicated that this is a global release date, but company employees have not yet confirmed it.

It should be noted that while Samsung launched the Galaxy S series phones once in February of each year, it has repeatedly talked about Samsung's intention to launch the Galaxy S21 phones in January of next year. . Android Police website announced earlier this week (citing sources) that the company plans to launch these phones on January 14th.

And the Android agency quoted company officials as saying that it plans to launch an upcoming phone in India on January 29.

In addition to confirming the release plan, the Android agency report also includes some specifications for the upcoming three phones: Galaxy S21, Galaxy S21 Plus and Galaxy S21 Ultra.

The site states that these three phones in India will use the Samsung Exynos 2100 processor, while the Galaxy S21 will come in four colors: gray, pink, purple and white, while the Galaxy S21 Plus will come in pink and purple. will be. Silver and black. Galaxy S21 Ultra will be available in Black and Silver. The latter will be equipped with a 108MP rear camera and two 10MP cameras. One of them supports 10x optical zoom.

It should be noted that the new report was released after the release of a statement from the Android Police: These are three promotional videos direct from Samsung.

These videos are exactly the same as the PC model released by the popular OnLeaks account last October. These videos focus on the rear camera system, with the Galaxy S21 and Galaxy S21 Plus offering three rear cameras, while the Galaxy S21 Ultra has five cameras, including a periscope-like telephoto lens.

In the video, it is also worth noting that the Galaxy S21 Ultra has a curved screen instead of the flat screen of the Samsung Galaxy S21 and Galaxy S21 Plus.

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