Google allows you to modify Office files directly in email attachments
Google allows you to modify Office files directly in email attachments

Google is working hard to promote the use of Microsoft Office files as users can now edit additional Office files directly in Gmail, just like Google Docs and Google Sheets.

Workspace (formerly known as G Suite, consisting of Document Service, Spreadsheet Service, Slideshow Service, Meet & Calendar Video Meeting Service) supports compatibility with Document Service (Word), Office files in Word, Spreadsheets (Excel), and PowerPoint presentation (PowerPoint), but the document needs to be imported to Google Drive for editing.

The new workflow greatly simplifies this process. You can now directly use Office Docs to open and edit Office files with one click, just like original Google Docs. However, the new editing functionality does not convert Office files into text files, but preserves the original file format.

Gmail allows users to respond to original email and include updated files while preserving the Office file format without having to download the file and then attach it again.

Google is also working hard to make Office files run more smoothly in Google Docs as the company introduced a new feature in Macro Converter for Google Workspace which will make it easier for users and organizations to import their macros. Excel to Papers.

Likewise, Google is working hard to add better document orientation and support for images in Google Docs so that documents have sides and horizontal and vertical images behind text and watermarks, but the new image features won't be available until next year.

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