Google has added a timeline feature to its photo service
Google has added a timeline feature to its photo service

Google has enabled the timeline feature for Google Photos users. This function is available to map service users.

Additionally, many users of the Google Maps service use the timeline feature to understand the places they visited. Now Google has activated this function in the image service, especially in version 5.23.0 of the service app.

When viewing photos in (Google Photos), users will see a timeline with a map showing where each photo was taken. To use this feature, the map can be found on the Search tab of the service application. It is displayed in the "Location" section.

In addition to the links explaining the new features, users will receive pop-up notifications informing users that the card's timeline feature has accessed the image.

"You can use image pages to organize, search and crawl images based on their location," Google said on the support page.

It is interesting to see the user journey and the photos they took along the way to relive old memories. This feature can be used to summarize what a user did on a particular vacation.

Google says, "Your card will display photos, including: posts from your saved photos." This feature uses location information such as the camera's GPS, known landmarks, and location history. User can turn off schedule display.

Note that this function can be used in the (Google Photos) app on Google Android and Apple iOS system.

(Google Photos) After Google Photos recently reached 5 billion downloads on Android, the service is looking for Apple iOS users. By allowing them to sync their favorite photos and videos to the Apple Photos service.

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