Google has released a new update for Android Go users
Google has released a new update for Android Go users

In December 2017, Google released a modified version of the Android (Android Go) operating system Android Go for devices with lower Android specs, as it is designed for devices with at least 1GB of RAM.

At the same time, Google released several small versions of popular apps compatible with this version, including: (Camera Go), which got a big upgrade to allow smartphones to run the Android Go operating system, where users take better photos.

All the details

Google (Camera Go) - a small version of the camera app - has received a major update that will allow users to take photos in HDR mode for the first time with millions of low-spec smart version of the operating system (Android Go) itself In low-light conditions, the phone can take quality photos Better than before.

In HDR mode, the smartphone camera with Android Go can capture more details by using a larger image sensor in various shooting conditions (especially in low-light conditions) that usually require a smartphone.

After adding the Night Mode feature to the Camera Go app last October, this upgrade fulfilled the company's commitment to smartphone users running Android Go.

It should be noted that according to the leaked version of the Android 11 mobile setup guide, Google plans to enforce the Android Go version of the newly released smartphones with RAM less than or equal to 2 GB because any smartphone running the operating system This (Android 10) should be new and can use 2 GB or less of RAM. The Android Go version will be used from the last quarter of 2020.

In addition, any smartphone with OS version (Android 11) with 2 GB RAM or less must use Android Go version, while phones with 2 GB RAM in previous Android version are excluded. Requirements.

The entry of the standard 2GB RAM is something new. The change came after Google updated its website last year to reflect the change. These requirements will drastically change the way we treat poor specification Android devices. Obviously, the purpose of this change is to make sure phones that start with very modest specs get the right optimized operating system.

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