Google Maps highlights the changes in your city
Google Maps highlights the changes in your city

Google has released a new community profile on its map platform that highlights the latest developments in your city, including new restaurant openings and changes to business hours.

Google Maps released its tour to compete with Facebook. The name of this new feature is "Community Feed" because it contains local posts.

Articles are organized like any other news feed in that they are a vertical scrolling feed of articles that you can like by clicking on the 'Like' icon.

Located on the app's "Browse" tab, this feature collects the most recent comments, photos, and information submitted to Google Maps by local experts outside of people you know.

The feed is designed to make it easy to find the latest news, updates and recommendations from trusted local sources.

Google said: The aim of the conference is to shed light on publications of companies in the food and beverage industry.

If you follow nearby stores or restaurants, the feed will keep you updated about it. According to Google, this feature can help local businesses better communicate with customers.

The company said: In early testing of community feeds, we found that views of the merchant's posts were more than double what they were before the feed was available.

"More and more people now know that local companies are providing a new service or have outdoor seating," she added.

Before today's post, most of the information in the feed was available elsewhere in Google Maps.

The Google Maps Update tab contains similar summaries, including business posts with news, recommendations, stories, and other features designed to encourage discovery.

The "Browse" tab groups companies at the top of the screen; B. Restaurants are open air, and users can browse other menus and view photos of that area.

Since short video channels (like TikTok) are popular at the moment, Google can add video posts in the future that will be copied from Instagram and Snapchat.

Google hopes this change will encourage users to visit the app more often to see what's going on in their area, whether it's a new company post or comments from other users detailing some interesting local events.

This function can also be used when traveling or in other regions, as the community feeds displayed are not based on your town or current location, but on where you are looking for on the map.

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