Google supports taking Street View photos with mobile phones only
Google supports taking Street View photos with mobile phones only

Today, Thursday, Google announced the launch of a new update for the Street View application on the Android system, which will allow users to participate in the service via smartphones.

The US tech giant said in its blog, "With the updated Android Street View app, it's now easy to collect Street View images and place them in the right place on Google Maps." "Use our new tool to capture linked photos in the app, and you can capture a bunch of related pictures while walking down a street or a street," she added.

Google stated that these images were taken using ARCore, the augmented reality technology the company uses to deliver other experiences such as Live View. After the photos are captured and posted by the Street View app, the company automatically rotates and repurposes them to create a series of related images that are then placed in the Street View service.

According to Google, before using this feature, users must have a 3D camera to capture and post Street View photos.

Google also indicated that Street View devices and cars have collected more than 170 billion images over 10 million miles around the world, but that many parts have yet to be added to the service. As a result, the company has worked hard over the past several years to create new opportunities for providing mapping services.

Google said, “Like other images, these images will help make Google Maps more accurate and up-to-date for everyone. For example, we can use the information from the Street View image to update Google Maps details, for example: Company name and address are not currently listed on the card.

Google said it will also provide the same privacy policy for those linked images, including: blurry faces and license plates visible in Street View photos taken by Google. This also makes it easier for users to distinguish images and other types of content for viewing.

The company said: The experimental photo calling feature is now available for users using the Street View app and ARCore-enabled Android devices in the following regions: Toronto, New York and Austin in the United States, Nigeria, Indonesia and Costa Rica, and it will soon be used in other regions. .

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