Google wants to use new mobile device management services
Google wants to use new mobile device management services

Google has launched a new program designed to make it easier for small businesses to manage commercial mobile devices with Android devices.

For Google, increasing the company's reliance on Android devices is a long-term plan. The company now hopes to provide small and medium businesses with an easy way to protect their data and mobile devices. Companies.

Google describes Android Enterprise Essentials as a secure mobile device management service set up by the Android team.

The service aims to reduce the complexity of managing mobile devices on a smaller scale and give companies the tools they need to protect their data.

Google describes Android Enterprise Essentials as a set of standard features critical to businesses that need simpler and smaller budgets.

When a company is registered, three basic components are automatically applied:

    Apply for screen locks and multiple device encryption to prevent unauthorized access to corporate data.
    Enforce mandatory malware protection by ensuring that Google Play Protect is always running and that employees cannot download apps outside of the Google Play Store.
    Provides the ability to erase all company data on the device to prevent loss or theft.

Google said: These companies can purchase these devices and hand them over to employees as part of their recommended Android business plan.

"More and more companies are telling us that their primary investment goal is safety and improving user productivity," said Mark Booker, Senior Analyst at Corporate Strategy Group.

He added, “When I examined the basics of Android Enterprise, it quickly became apparent that simple management features and a seamless employee experience ensure a safe and secure work environment for employees.

Google said: Android Enterprise Essentials Service is very suitable for small and medium-sized businesses, and can also work with large enterprises.

This service appeared at a time when small and medium-sized businesses were increasingly under attack by attackers and local laws may require their data to be protected.

Lost or stolen cell phones can cause serious accidents. As more business data is stored on mobile devices, it has a big and lasting impact on business.

The program is still in the early publishing stage. It works with Synnex agents in the US and Tech Data dealers in the UK. Android Enterprise Essentials will be available from other distributors next year after its global promotion.

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