Google will shut down cloud printing this week
Google will shut down cloud printing this week

Google is preparing to end its Cloud Print service in the coming days, which was launched in 2010 with the aim of making printers more suitable for using Chrome OS and making it easier to print documents from Chrome OS devices.

The support website noted that the service is no longer necessary and that stopping the service can be just a minor inconvenience for most people when they find that cloud printing is still their option. Standard print.

This service started when Chrome OS support for printers was low. The company added a native print option in 2017 that lets you connect Chrome OS devices to any compatible printer on the network without the need for Cloud Impression.

Google Cloud Print is a service specifically designed for a period of time in history to address an issue that Chrome OS (2010 at least) does not have its original print framework.

This method wasn't as comfortable as Google thought, but it was the only solution available at the time.

For this service, printers must be Cloud Print compatible. This means that they can connect directly to the Internet without a computer.

It also means that users have to send files on a circular path to a remote server and then to a neighboring printer.

In 2017, Chrome OS acquired its own printing system, which it can use to communicate with printers on the local network like a normal operating system.

This means that Google Cloud Print is outdated, the remaining use cases are no longer there, and last year Google announced that it will completely end service on January 1, 2021.

If you've already invested in Cloud Print, Google recommends migrating right away, as all browser content, apps, and devices are included, and most printers are connected via wireless networks.

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