IOS 14 is available on 81% of iPhones
IOS 14 is available on 81% of iPhones

Apple released new numbers showing certification rates for iOS 14 and iPadOS 14 through December 15, 2020.

Since iOS 9 was released in September, it is an update to the App Store page on Apple's developer site.

New data from Apple shows that 81% of iPhones have iOS 14 installed over the past four years.

Apple iOS and iPadOS usage data depends on devices accessing the app store.

Apple said the most recent data was collected on December 15, which indicates that the company has not offered a similar update over the past year, so we cannot make annual comparisons.

Over the past four years, 17% of devices had iOS 13 and 2% of devices had a first release of iOS.

Regardless of which device was released in the past four years, iOS 14 can now run on 72% of all iPhones currently in use.

While iOS 13 can only be used on 18% of all iPhones currently in use, the remaining 10% can be used on older versions of the OS.

For iPadOS 14, 75% of iPads launched in the past four years use iPadOS 14.

Over the past four years, 22% of iPads have used iPadOS 13, but only 3% of versions can run older versions.

For all iPads, this number has decreased slightly, with 61% of iPads running iPadOS 14, 21% of iPads still using iPadOS 13, and 18% of users using older versions.

Three months after its launch, the system has achieved a high adoption rate, which is not surprising given that iOS 14 and iPadOS 14 have been installed on 26% of devices every week since its launch in September.

Google is said to have stopped publishing the numbers on Android versions earlier this year.

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