Leaked live photos for the upcoming OnePlus 9 phone
Leaked live photos for the upcoming OnePlus 9 phone

PhoneArena has released direct leaked images of the OnePlus 9 phones, which are expected to be released next spring.

These images show the prototype of a future mobile phone from the Chinese company OnePlus and show the front and back phone. The user interface images show that the company can still use the (OnePlus 8) OnePlus 8 and (OnePlus 8T) tablets used in the phone. Add 8 T.

The OnePlus 9 features a 6.55-inch flat screen with a hole for the front camera in the upper left corner.

It is worth noting that the OnePlus 8 Pro (OnePlus 8 Pro) has curved screens on both sides. However, when compared to a flat screen, the curvature causes unexpected touches to the screen.

According to PhoneArena, which specializes in technology news, OnePlus 9 will offer a screen with a resolution of 2400 × 1080 pixels and a refresh rate of 120 Hz.

According to the report, the OnePlus 9 includes the Snapdargon 888 processor, which is the latest processor from the American company Qualcomm, which will appear in most of the large smartphones that were launched in 2021. The phone will also support 5G networks.

The image on the back of the phone shows the bounce of the rear camera in the upper left corner. The phrase Ultrashot was not found in any of the company's previous phones, so it is unclear if it will remain in the final version of the phone or whether it will be removed. The leak did not reveal the specifications of the three rear cameras, but it seems that the first will be the main camera, the second for ultra-wide angle photography, and the third for deep photography or close-up photography.

Other leaks related to the upcoming OnePlus 9 are 4,500 mAh battery. The programming will run Android 11 from Google on the phone through the OnePlus Oxygen UI = S.

The phone offers 8 GB memory (RAM) and 128 GB internal storage capacity. The phone may have other memory options as well.

There is no specific release date for the OnePlus 9, but it could happen next spring.

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