Look to Speak allows you to use your eyes to identify phrases
Look to Speak allows you to use your eyes to identify phrases

In collaboration with speech therapist Richard Cave, Google developed a new experimental Android app called Look to Speak.

The app was specially developed for people with language and movement disorders, especially for people who cannot speak and need help with communication.

With the Watch Talk function, users can select predefined phrases on the phone screen with their eyes, for more relaxed expressions.

Look to Speak uses machine learning and eye technology to choose from a list of phone phrases to speak to.

“As mobile devices have become so popular and are integrating technologies like machine learning, I have been thinking about how a phone works with assistive technology,” said Jeff.

(How) to think that "talking and talking" can be used as an extension of the current stare technique.

He added: We will not replace this type of communication aid because of its many functions. We use "talking" to receive important text messages.

The app is designed for mobile devices that support advanced assistive technologies. After placing the phone slightly below eye level in front of their eyes, the user can choose from the list of devices and look left or right to speak out loud. editing.

The printout can be customized. According to Google, all Look to Speak data is private and stored on the phone.

One of the downsides is that you cannot access the settings menu in the app, change the phrase and adjust the squint settings using the operating technology and you have to manually tap the phone screen. .

The app uses the device's front camera to track the user's position, it can adjust gaze sensitivity and the app sleeps while searching.

"The app attracts people who can benefit from it. You will find it useful in environments where other access devices may not be available, for example B. During transportation, in the bathroom, in case of an emergency or outside," said Kaif.

The app is part of the Google Pilot Group's "Start from One" project. Other projects include Teachable Machine, which is a tool that allows users to create machine learning models without coding.

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