Microsoft launched a new password manager
Microsoft launched a new password manager

Microsoft has released a new password manager that can be used to sync credentials across Edge browser, Google Chrome, Google Android mobile devices, and Apple iOS (iOS).

The US software giant has integrated a preview version of Microsoft Authenticator's password manager, a free mobile app for multi-factor authentication.

Similar to other password manager apps, Microsoft products can autofill passwords in apps or websites on Android and iOS.

The password is synchronized with the Microsoft Edge browser and can be shared across devices with a Microsoft account. Users can also use the company's new AutoFill extension to sync these passwords from Google to Chrome. All passwords saved in (Microsoft account) are synchronized.

Previous leaks indicated that the company could deploy full Microsoft 365 password administrators to consumers, but that doesn't appear to be the case now.

The Autofill feature is believed to be useful for users working on multiple devices (Microsoft account). However, users still love the comprehensive password manager services like 1Password and LastPass.

Starting today, the new Auto-fill feature is available as a beta feature in the Microsoft Authenticator app. Users need to enable it as the default provider in order to autofill app settings. On Android and iOS.

Autofill is only available for Microsoft customer accounts, and autofill is disabled for business users who use the app to log in on the phone or for multi-factor authentication.

To take advantage of this new feature, organizations must join a list to enable this feature for users of the Business Edition of Microsoft Authenticator.

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