Mini 45: Hyundai's electric kids' car
Mini 45: Hyundai's electric kids' car

Hyundai Motor Company has announced details of the 45 electric miniature vehicle with EAVC.

Technology relies on artificial intelligence to optimize the car's environment according to the driver's mood.

The electric minivan has been designed as a children's toy and supports children's treatment at Sant Joan de Dieu in Barcelona through the Little Big e-Motion project.

EAVC technology can improve the vehicle's environment based on the information inside and outside the vehicle.

Hyundai Motor is conducting an academic research collaboration with the MIT Media Lab to develop the technology.

EAVC technology can monitor facial expression, heart rate and breathing rate and combine measured values ​​with vehicle inputs such as speed, acceleration, noise and vibration.

Use artificial intelligence technology to process data to improve the vehicle's environment and effectively control vehicle systems, including lights, music and fragrance diffusers.

EAVC technology is at the heart of the Little Big e-Motion project.

Hospital electric minivans help transport young patients from hospital beds to treatment rooms. This is one of the most stressful excursions for children.

Hyundai Motor posted a 6-minute video showing the use of this miniature electric vehicle to relieve stress on a young girl seeking treatment.

The minivan uses a facial recognition system to interact with the young driver. A camera in the front of the seat is used to detect sensations in real time.

The breathing belt wraps around the body and is gently compressed to reduce anxiety and make breathing more stable.

The heart rate monitor sensor and accelerometer can measure heart rate and respiratory rate.

Affective adaptive lighting shows green, yellow and red and shows the child's emotional state in color.

Emotional adaptive aroma diffuser works by vaporizing the scent to put a smile on the faces of young patients, and the car flows to celebrate the child's progress through the treatment phase.

In addition to providing emotional support to young patients, EAVC technology can also help hospital medical staff by educating them about the emotional state of young patients without personal intervention, which is beneficial in the era of Corona.

We hope our technology will help improve the lives of our customers, and we hope that EAVC technology in small cars will provide young patients with a comfortable and safe travel experience and help them improve their health.

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