AmazonBasics Electric Coffee Bean Grinder
AmazonBasics Electric Coffee Bean Grinder

 AmazonBasics CG9403-B Electric Coffee Grinder

With AmazonBasics' Electric Coffee Bean Grinder, you can enjoy fresh coffee every day for a week. This handy device allows you to prepare your favorite coffee beans for brewing in real time, but can also be used to grind nuts, grains, spices, herbs, etc. This electric grinder is ideal for home chefs who love ingredient ideas or true coffee connoisseurs. Provides ease of use and time saving in one device.

Stainless steel abrasive blade

AmazonBasics was developed to grind and convert coffee beans into a fine powder, which is very suitable for brewing droppers. AmazonBasics has a durable stainless steel blade. Prepare 30 grams / 1 ounce of dry beans per grind and achieve the desired result in 10 seconds.

Safe and transparent cover design

Thanks to the protective lock on the protective helmet, ground grains, herbs and other dry foods remain in good condition while the grinder is in operation. Thanks to the transparent cap, you can easily control the sanding process to get the correct texture. AmazonBasics coffee bean grinder is small enough to fit on a counter or in a cupboard between uses.

AmazonBasics Electric Coffee Bean Grinder
AmazonBasics Electric Coffee Bean Grinder

  • Home electric coffee grinder
  • Filter coffee is prepared in 10 seconds by grinding 30 grams of beans
  • Grind coffee beans, herbs, spices, grains, nuts, etc.
  • With the transparent helmet, you can easily view the current results
  • High performance stainless steel grinding wheel
  • The compact design is ideal for use at the table

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