Aroma Housewares AWK-115S Electric Water Kettle
Aroma Housewares AWK-115S Electric Water Kettle

Aroma Houseware Hot H20 X-Press Cordless Kettle 1.5 Liter (6 Cups) made of stainless steel

Experience the best way to cook with Aroma Hot H20 X-Press. 1 liter stainless steel kettle! Calming tea. Hearty oatmeal. Noodle food. Just press the button and you will have boiling water at a blistering speed of one cup per minute. Once the boiling point is reached, the kettle automatically shuts off. So you don't have to dance over the stove or worry about the pot not boiling anymore. The handy wireless pouring function makes it easy to serve and share your favorite drinks. Whether used or on a countertop, the brushed stainless steel surface always looks good. It does not contain Bisphenol A. When the kettle is hot, you can close the lid and press the handle of the cold plastic cap. Heated parts of stainless steel cover. If there are mineral deposits in the boiler. After prolonged use, natural build-up of minerals in hard water is normal. The best way to avoid mineral build-up is to always use distilled water in your kettle. To remove sediments, put half of the water in the kettle, add a few slices of lemon and bring to a boil. If it doesn't work, please read the instruction manual

 Fast cooking

Aroma Hot H20 X-Press can deliver boiling water in minutes. The 1 1/2 liter capacity is ideal for many uses: hot tea, soup, instant coffee, oatmeal, hot chocolate, pasta, baby food and more.
Cook safely

Once the water boils, the kettle shuts off automatically and rises from the bottom of the pot and water can be poured into it without a cable. Whether on the dining table or on the dining table, the high-quality stainless steel surface looks good.

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