Aroma Professional AWK-701 16-in-1 Electric Kettle
Aroma Professional AWK-701 16-in-1 Electric Kettle

Aroma Professional AWK-701 16 in 1 Nourishing Water, Green, Fruits, Scented Tea, Coffee, Multipurpose Kettle

The production of tea sets has reached a new level. Forget the boiling water of different teas. The tea service has 16 functions and can be used for different types of tea! That means the perfect temperature for green tea, fruit tea, oolong tea, and even a delicate bird's nest. You're not the "one-size-fits-all" type. So why buy a kettle?

  •  16 Kinds of Dynamic Functions - AWK-701 contains 16 kinds of intelligent software which can prepare various kinds of tea, fruit tea, traditional Asian recipes, etc. Plus, the controls are multifunctional, so you can craft various items not included in this high-end kettle.
  • Precise Control - The advanced control panel supports each of these 16 functions. It can precisely and perfectly control the time and temperature. Not only can it get the best results every time you brew, but it can also be used without straining. Type of brewing drink: 120 volts
  • Timer & Keep Warm - Unlike many competitors, this digital kettle has a delay timer of up to 9 hours. This means you can prepare it to make a hot cup of tea for you when you wake up in the morning a few hours after dinner, without having to disturb your guests for your tea. With automatic heating registration, you never have to worry about cold tea. AWK-701 heats your food and drinks evenly to your chosen temperature.
  • PARTS AND ACCESSORIES - AWK-701 includes tea strainer, soup kettle and kettle lid. In addition, the kettle itself has a cordless housing and a heat-resistant handle. The best thing is that the kettle is mounted on a 360 ° rotating base so you don't have to worry about plugging it in to heat it up.

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