BELANKO Teapot for Stovetops Wood Pattern Handle
BELANKO Teapot for Stovetops Wood Pattern Handle

Teapot, BELANKO Teapot 2.7L Capacity with Wooden Handle High Whistle Flavor for Food Stainless Steel Teapot & Kettle

Loud whistling

Even in a noisy environment, a loud beep will catch your attention. When you focus on your things, the teapot will remind you to whistle after the water has boiled.

Heat resistant handle

The insulated handle is covered with silicone and the teapot can be lifted directly. The ergonomic handle increases comfort when pouring and filling. With the easy-to-use buttons, you can easily turn the nozzle on and off.

Fully closed cover

The lid keeps the water in the kettle closed 100% so that hot steam does not escape and accidentally pinch your hands. It also improves boiling efficiency and the water boils faster.

18/8 stainless steel material

The bottom of the teapot is designed to be 8 inches long, which increases heat conduction. High quality 18/8 stainless steel, suitable for any heat source, including gas, electric, induction, halogen and radiation ovens.

BELANKO Teapot for Stovetops Wood Pattern Handle
BELANKO Teapot for Stovetops Wood Pattern Handle

  •  [Anti-rust and corrosion-resistant material] The teapot uses professional food grade materials and is made of 18/8 stainless steel to ensure rust and corrosion resistance and fast heating. You'll enjoy years of use without fading. Any surface exposed to water and food debris is certified and easy to clean.
  • [Beep] Even in noisy environment, loud automatic beep will catch your attention. If you focus on housework, watching movies, listening to music, or anything else, the teapot gives you a flavor after boiling water. So do not forget to turn off the electricity and wipe the water.
  • [2.7L Capacity] This teapot is perfect for the whole family or to be together. With a capacity of 2.7L, you can achieve a capacity of approximately 12 cups after boiling one time without having to cook much, which saves time.
  • [Heat Resistant Handle with Simple Touch of Button] Silicone coated insulated handle allows you to lift the teapot directly without getting burned. The ergonomic shape and designed handle increase comfort when pouring and filling. The easy-to-use button lets you easily open or close the nozzle without worrying about steam burning.
  • [Suitable for Various Ovens] Suitable for induction furnaces, electric, gas and natural gas stoves. Please use the teapot on medium and low heat, as it heats up quickly and saves energy. If you have any problems please contact us and we will help you solve the problem.

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