Braun KF7070 BrewSense Drip Glass Coffeemaker
Braun KF7070 BrewSense Drip Glass Coffeemaker

Braun KF7070 Prosense Glass Filter Coffee Machine, 12 Cups, Stainless Steel

The Braun 12 Cups Filter Coffee Machine comes with a glass mug that keeps the taste fresh by reducing air pollution. Each satisfying cup starts with Braun's unique pure flavor system to ensure coffee is brewed at the correct temperature and pre-time to extract the coffee. Best Taste, Best Aroma: With a 24-hour programmable automatic timer, you can enjoy the first moment without waiting. The sealing system allows you to pour the drink at any time during the brewing process, and there is also a filter for Blue En's golden color that differs from the paper, which improves the taste of the coffee. When pouring the essential oil into the mug, a "clean" warning is given when descaling is required to get the best taste of the coffee. The slim design of the coffee sensor features an excellent display with LEDs, easy-to-read buttons, practical cable storage, less space, less appearance and a thin stainless steel surface in every room. Cooking with prep looks great in the middle and now you get a satisfying cup of delicious food over and over again

Perfect coffee

Braun's PureFlavor technology ensures that your coffee is prepared at the correct temperature and brewing time, for the best coffee taste and aroma. Whether you boil a full pot or opt for 1-4 cups, you can expect great results.

Wake up a new cup

A programmable 24 hour timer means you can brew coffee when you're ready. The auto shut off function turns it off automatically. The clock is easy to read from anywhere in the kitchen.

Rich taste at all times

With the brewing pause system, you can pour it into the mug anytime during the drip-free brewing cycle. Plus, the 12 cups FlavorCarafe keeps the flavor fresh by reducing air pollution.

Your coffee as you like

The unique water level indicator allows you to prepare 11 oz of water. One cup or up to 12 cups of coffee.

Smarter design

The sleek and stylish design offers less space, less looks, an easy-to-reach control panel, and convenient cable storage.

A bit of pure fun

Unlike paper, the Golden Brown filter enhances the taste of the coffee by adding essential oils to the mug. The carbon filter cleans the fermentation water and can adapt the cleaning function to different degrees of water hardness.

Braun KF7070 BrewSense Drip Glass Coffeemaker
Braun KF7070 BrewSense Drip Glass Coffeemaker

  •  The perfect cup with Braun Pure Flavor technology ensures coffee is brewed at the right temperature and brewing time to get the best coffee aroma and flavor.
  • Wake up the new jug, the 24-hour programmable timer shows that the coffee is ready, the automatic shut-off function shuts it off automatically and you can see an easy-to-read clock everywhere in the kitchen
  • A flavor-rich drink stop system is in place at all times. You can pour one cup of coffee at any time during the drip-free brewing cycle and get 12 cups of fresh-tasting coffee cans by reducing the amount of exposure to air
  • You can make 11 ounces or even 12 cups of coffee with your coffee using the unique water level indicator
  • Cool appearance, more stylish appearance, smaller space, user-friendly control panel, and convenient cable storage
  • Brown's gold filter paper is different from the paper. Allows essential oils to reach the cup to improve the taste of the coffee. The carbon filter paper can clean the fermentation water and the cleaning function can be adjusted according to the hardness of the water
  • Contains ingredients: charcoal water filter

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