ChefGiant Portable Coffee Grinder Brewer Mug
ChefGiant Portable Coffee Grinder Brewer Mug

ChefGiant Portable Coffee Grinder | Insulated Stainless Steel USB Charging Cup, Integrated Automatic Coffee Grinder, It Can Be Poured Over Coffee Machine, Lid And Faucet Anytime And Anywhere

 This is the reason for celebration.

After all, coffee lovers can grind coffee like a barista anytime, anywhere. In addition to the function of a travel cup, this portable food also features a full-service rotating mill, a removable pour and fermentation system, and an insulated travel mug with a lid for drinking and beverage. Drink as soon as you are ready. All you have to do is bring some coffee beans and boiling water - press the button to get a perfectly even and smooth coffee.

Fresh land

With the simple control button, you can automatically grind the perfect coffee beans. There is no manual measurement, rotation or grinding.

Adjustable roughness

Rotate the zoom for perfect precision. Turn right for finer grind (full flavor) or left for coarse grind (lighter flavor).


The upper part of the cup is equipped with a stainless steel filter; Pour the water to soak the fresh mill and flourish.

Stainless steel vacuum flask

The stainless steel is smooth, easy to clean, and can heat drinks for hours. Grind, throw and let's go!

Compact design

Replace yourself with high-heeled coffee makers and old electric grinders! Our system is small and portable, but just as powerful.

Convertible cover

The black cup attachment protects the rotary grinder and can even serve as a small water bowl. Pour plenty of hot water.

ChefGiant Portable Coffee Grinder Brewer Mug
ChefGiant Portable Coffee Grinder Brewer Mug

  •  Coffee grinder and processing set Enjoy a fresh meal anytime, anywhere! | A unique portable coffee cup that allows you to grind, brew and drink your favorite java anytime, anywhere. The system includes a premium quality travel insulated hot water bottle, built-in slot mill, stainless steel beverage filter and sealing with spout.
  • This Refillable Ceramic Grinder no longer needs to be scaled or sanded by hand! | Our USB extruder allows you to do up to 20 grinding operations on a single charge and achieve fully automatic operation. Turn the knob to adjust the roughness, then press the knob for a fresh, even espresso!
  • The drain filter is perfect for the inside yes, it's the coffee maker too! | The set includes a reusable 304 stainless steel filter that can be used to pour coffee instantly, just open the plate, place it on a cup, pour hot water over ground coffee, flower to get the result you want. Starch, remove it and wash it next time | The coins click on the mug for easy storage
  • A lot of practical functions The coffee you drink in the morning is not fast, clean and easy to prepare! | The stainless steel vacuum flask can maintain the right temperature for your cup holder and has reliable nozzle opening / closing cap, useful LED indicator light and easy to use black sanding cap. It can also be used for casting
  • Mobile travel design | Whether in the office, at home, or when camping in hot water, coffee lovers can grind their coffee beans on their own. Gadgets make thoughtful gifts for men and women on birthdays, holidays, birthdays, family warmth, and Christmas or Hanukkah

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