CUMCITIN Adjustable Manual Coffee Grinder
CUMCITIN Adjustable Manual Coffee Grinder

CUMCITIN manual coffee grinder, manual ceramic coffee grinder, adjustable soft / coarse grinder, very suitable for families and camping

Easy to clean

The coffee grinder, movable handle and lid are easily removable, and all parts of the manual coffee grinder can be cleaned, it is completely easy to clean and smells better next time

Stainless steel handle

The handle length is ergonomically designed and easy to grind. Durable and rustless, you can easily enjoy the pleasure of hand polishing.

Adjustable grinding wrench

Thanks to the adjustable nut control, this manual coffee grinder can help you get high quality or coarse coffee grounds so that you can enjoy espresso or French press with ease

 Why use a manual coffee grinder to grind coffee?

  •     Manual grinders do not heat the grain like electric grinders
  •     No battery, no electricity, portable design, our manual coffee grinder is very suitable for home, work, camping or outdoors. Enjoy brewing fresh and roasted coffee beans
  •     Durable, the inner part of the ceramic ceramic cone for each part is more durable.
  •     The whole body can be disassembled and washed off with water easily
  •     The perfect gift for all coffee lovers!
  •     Easy to use for any new student. Manual operation is safer.
CUMCITIN Adjustable Manual Coffee Grinder
CUMCITIN Adjustable Manual Coffee Grinder

  •  An adjustable coffee grinder with adjustable controls can help you get fine or coarse powder that is easy to control.
  • This wireless coffee grinder is ideal for camping trips and family use. It grinds delicious, fresh whole beans every day.
  • The durable ceramic blades do not increase the heat during the grinding process, nor do they destroy the original taste of the coffee beans, which is a good choice for coffee drinkers.
  • The convenient and agile crank mechanism can continuously remove more than 90% of the noise generated by the electric grinder.
  • The coffee grinder, removable handle and cover are easy to disassemble. All parts of the manual coffee grinder can be cleaned.

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