EK-Quantum Velocity D-RGB - AMD Nickel
EK-Quantum Velocity D-RGB - AMD Nickel

EK-Quantum Speed ​​D-RGB-Nickel + Matte Plexi is a new high-performance, high-performance CPU hydrocarbon for modern socket-based AMD AM4 processors. It has a unique crystal acrylic sheet that can transmit 20 directional LEDs and optically align with a crystal / satin tube. The waterproof lighting solution connects to a standard 3-pin 5V D-RGB header. The EK-Quantum Velocity Series hydroprocessor block uses the award-winning fifth-generation EK processor water-block cooling engine that is tuned for optimum performance and coolant flow. Minimum hydraulic flow allows the product to be used in environments where weaker water pumps or lower pump speeds are used for quieter operation with maximum power! The nozzle is integrated into the top of the new cooling engine, along with a thicker nozzle plate for more precise arc control. The streamlined structure of the water block can allow better coolant flow and easier maintenance. The purest copper available in the market is used for EK-Quantum Velocity cold plates, which are precisely machined to form an accurate rib structure. The contact surface itself is mechanically polished to achieve better IHS-CPU communication. This version of the water block has a nickel plated cooling plate and CNC milled acrylic plate. The unit is equipped with a reinforced mounting bracket. Attached assembly kit contains all necessary mounting bolts, grounding springs, AM4 back plate, rubber strut, and a small box of high performance hydronut thermal paste. The EK-Quantum Velocity Processor Hydraulic Block features a universal mounting mechanism that enables error prevention and tool-less installation and supports ready-to-use AM4 slots. The anchor bolts are simplified and made smaller than before for a perfect aesthetic effect.

  • Technical Data: - RGB Cable Length: 30cm - RGB Plug 3 Pin 5V Digital LED Plug (Pin: + 5V R G) CPU Socket Compatibility: AMD AM4
  • Included: -EK Quantum Velocity CPU-Water Block-PreciseMount Universal Mounting CPU- Speed- EK Backplane Speed-2.5mm Allen Key J2 (0.8mm *) - Grizzly Hydronaut Thermal Grease (1g)) Made in Slovenia - Europe!
  • Note: This product must not be installed in any part of EK Fluid Gaming! A specially developed coolant that contains corrosion inhibitors, scale inhibitors and biological inhibitors must be used to avoid damage to the nickel-coated water mass! EK offers a selection of these products in the cooler region. The arrow in the 3-pin LED header should match the + 5V mark on the D-RGB (A-RGB) header.
  • Additional Information Choice of Material / Design / Color AMD G1 / 4 Nickel Mesh Fuse
  • The accessories in the picture are not included

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