Elite Gourmet EKT-1789D Electric Programmable Kettle
Elite Gourmet EKT-1789D Electric Programmable Kettle

Elite Gourmet EKT-1789D Programmable Cordless Glass Kettle with 5 Temperatures, Can Be Used for Tea and Coffee, BPA Free, Water Sterilizer, Automatically Shuts Off and Keep Warm, 1.7 Liters (7, 2 Cups), Black

Boiling water for afternoon tea or a refreshing morning coffee has never been easier.> Did you know that different teas and coffees require different water temperatures? Now you can finally enjoy delicious and refreshing tea or coffee at the perfect temperature without any ground or ground tea or ground coffee. Best Elite Platinum Programmable Wireless Glass Kettle! Unlike inexpensive kettles with only one temperature setting, our luxury teapot has five programmable settings so that you can easily find the perfect temperature for your favorite drink.> Why choose a glass kettle? Platinum Elite Wireless? Smart heating function - Want to enjoy your tea later? The glass kettle maintains the ideal water temperature for up to 2 hours! And the best part about it? Elite Platinum Wireless Programmable Glass Kettle is the perfect way to pamper your loved ones! Give them this cute and practical gift to warm the house and help them enjoy an unsurpassed aromatic tea or coffee! what are you waiting for? Click "Add to Cart" now to get the most advanced Glass Kettle!

Elite Platinum 1.7L Digital Cordless Glass Water Bottle

Did you know that certain types of tea must be brewed at different temperatures? This allows the tea to be brewed at the ideal temperature for the perfect taste. There are thousands of different teas around the world, and not all of them can be brewed equally in hot water. It can be a delicate process.

The Elite Platinum Digital Cordless Kettle has five different temperature settings, including thermal protection. Simply touch the touchscreen control panel to bring the water to the right temperature. It is very easy to do. The 3-minute boiling preparation is used to sterilize and kill pathogens by continuous boiling for 3 minutes, resulting in safe and clean drinking water.

With the battery function, you can simply lift the kettle off the base without twisting long power cables. The clear glass jug can accurately determine the water level. In addition, a simple stainless steel housing and sieve filter integrated directly into the outlet.

The Elite Platinum Wireless Digital Kettle is an ideal choice for all tea lovers. Especially those who drank the famous Puu tea from Yunnan Province of China.

Cook for 3 minutes

The kettle features a unique boiling setting that can boil continuously for 3 minutes to disinfect and kill pathogens for safe and clean drinking water.

Built-in stainless steel filter

A stainless steel mesh filter built directly into the pouring nozzle filters out excess residues or particles from the water.

Elite Gourmet EKT-1789D Electric Programmable Kettle
Elite Gourmet EKT-1789D Electric Programmable Kettle

  •  Ease of use: The Elite Platinum Kettle EKT-1789D features an easy-to-use digital screen that offers the best temperature setting and 2 hours of thermal protection. The glass kettle can be easily removed from the 360 ​​° rotatable base without the inconvenient cables.
  • Different temperatures: This is the perfect boiler for all your hot water needs. Each of the 4 temperature settings has a matching LED color and corresponding audio signal.
  • ADDITIONAL FUNCTION: This powerful 1850W kettle features a unique 3-minute permanent setting that can be used to disinfect water. The correct body markings will help you determine exactly how much water to prepare.
  • Safety: The borosilicate glass is 100% BPA free, which is not only durable but also environmentally friendly. The cool handle protects your hands and fingers during use and the drip-free spout guarantees nothing spillage.
  • Elite Advantage: The Elite Platinum Kettle EKT-1789D has a number of advanced safety features and is durable. It's ETL certified and comes with a one-year warranty.

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